George J. Igel & Co-Mary Logan So

When you’re an employer, you have an investment in your people. And when those people get injured, it’s important not just to get care to them quickly, but to find the right medical partners who engage fully in their recovery. Onsite Therapy Resources is that partner. It’s obvious in their data. You can see by the return-to-work rates how consistently Heather beats the state average. Every employer should be able to recognize that the faster an employee returns to their pre-injured condition, the more engaged and happy the workers is, as well as the more successful the outcome is for the employer. But that’s just one side of the story.

At Igel, we believe when you treat employees like you would your family, when you look them in the eye and really listen to their concerns, you can address them head on and get desirable results by aligning their expectations with available treatment and resources. Heather is a part of the conversation. We work together with the injured worker to make sure that they understand that the injury means their new ‘job’ is to get well, and the only way that is successful is by leaning into the process – attending their appointments, working their PT program, doing their home exercises and engaging in behavior ‘off-the-clock’ that does not counter the therapy being done. We explain that PT isn’t magic – it’s hard work and commitment by all stakeholders. Igel’s program works because Heather is on our team.


  • Mary Logan So
    Director of Safety and Employee Development
    George J. Igel & CO., Inc.