Tobi Eitel
Associate Director
Executive Team of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked directly with Heather for over fifteen years as an employer representative.  As a member of the Executive Team of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. I have had the great pleasure of working directly with Heather and our injured workers that required post injury Physical Therapy Services.

When you work with Heather you are working with a very caring and knowledgeable Physical Therapist.  She makes herself available to assist the injured worker/client.  She is very accommodating not only to the patient/injured worker but to the employer.  She ensures that she has the adequate equipment and supplies needed to assist her clients.  She will come on the work site is applicable or make other arrangements with the injured worker to ensure that all Therapy sessions are completed.  Heather is a strong advocate for her client to ensure that all safety measures are in place for a successful return to work.

Heather has great communication skills and provides a very detailed and thorough report to the employer after her sessions with the injured worker/client.  She will attend team meetings with the employer and Third-Party Administrator meetings if she is requested.

Heather is much more than just a Physical Therapist, she works with the employer on helping with the development of return to work programs, policies and modified job descriptions when needed.

Heather is very knowledgeable in her field and would be a great asset to any team.



Heather was in contact with me before I even could start therapy, telling me what reports and test results she would need to begin my therapy. She went above and beyond to help me to understand the medical lingo. Was in constant contact with the managed care provider.  As far as the PT, She made me understand that sometimes you have to push through to achieve the range of motion that I previously had. And geared my therapy to the motions that I would need to perform my job correctly. Her patience and understanding was amazing!

Heather Larkin
Vice President of Safety and HR
The Romanoff Group of Companies

Heather Wendell, of Onsite Therapy Resources, has been our go-to Physical Therapist for our worker’s compensation for more than twenty years. The Romanoff Group of Companies came across her before she started her own company and when we discovered she was moving on, (to start her own venture), we followed her. Heather is everything an employer could ask for in a Physical Therapist. Apart from her years of experience as a Physical Therapist and her expertise in Worker’s Compensation, she comes directly to our injured employees, wherever they are! Jobsites, factories, offices…she travels with all she needs and arrives ready to work.  This onsite service is nothing short of brilliant. It takes so much off me as an employer to know that Heather will show up to wherever our employees are and will treat them as often as prescribed by their physician. It is one less appointment I have to track. I also, never have to wonder how an employee is progressing, she keeps me constantly attuned to their progress.  Heather is the best in class, the standard by which I rate all other Physical Therapist professionals. Most importantly, she gets results and she gets them well above the industry standard. Heather Wendell is just really good at her job, not to mention, my employees love her. If I could clone her and send her to the other cities where we do business, I would in a heartbeat!


With more than 25 years practicing Physical Therapy in the industrial setting, Heather uses this experience to create an environment which is both trusting and professional.  Her excellent communication skills both with the injured worker and the employer help her clients remain involved in all aspects of care.  She is able to work, in cohesion, with the referring physician, as well as the Managed Care Organization to create an effective treatment plan.  This, in turn, has earned Heather an excellent return to work rating through BWC.  The professionalism and care Heather demonstrates with her clients during their time of need makes Onsite Therapy Resources what it is today.


When I first hurt my knee Heather was called in to examine it and she told me my meniscus was torn which was the correct diagnosis according to the doctor. I had surgery and she did my therapy helping me to get back to work  She cares about her patients and treats them like family. I recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.

Jason Mayberry
Executive Assistant
Columbus Firefighters Union Local 67

Chief John Eisel
Violet Twp Fire Dept

Chief Eisel's Testimonial

Mary Logan So
Director of Safety and Employee Development
George J. Igel & Co., Inc.

When you’re an employer, you have an investment in your people. And when those people get injured, it’s important not just to get care to them quickly, but to find the right medical partners who engage fully in their recovery. Onsite Therapy Resources is that partner. It’s obvious in their data. You can see by the return-to-work rates how consistently Heather beats the state average. Every employer should be able to recognize that the faster an employee returns to their pre-injured condition, the more engaged and happy the workers is, as well as the more successful the outcome is for the employer. But that’s just one side of the story.

At Igel, we believe when you treat employees like you would your family, when you look them in the eye and really listen to their concerns, you can address them head on and get desirable results by aligning their expectations with available treatment and resources. Heather is a part of the conversation. We work together with the injured worker to make sure that they understand that the injury means their new ‘job’ is to get well, and the only way that is successful is by leaning into the process – attending their appointments, working their PT program, doing their home exercises and engaging in behavior ‘off-the-clock’ that does not counter the therapy being done. We explain that PT isn’t magic – it’s hard work and commitment by all stakeholders. Igel’s program works because Heather is on our team.