Heather Larkin – The Romanoff Group of Companies

Heather Wendell, of Onsite Therapy Resources, has been our go-to Physical Therapist for our worker’s compensation for more than twenty years. The Romanoff Group of Companies came across her before she started her own company and when we discovered she was moving on, (to start her own venture), we followed her. Heather is everything an employer could ask for in a Physical Therapist. Apart from her years of experience as a Physical Therapist and her expertise in Worker’s Compensation, she comes directly to our injured employees, wherever they are! Jobsites, factories, offices…she travels with all she needs and arrives ready to work.  This onsite service is nothing short of brilliant. It takes so much off me as an employer to know that Heather will show up to wherever our employees are and will treat them as often as prescribed by their physician. It is one less appointment I have to track. I also, never have to wonder how an employee is progressing, she keeps me constantly attuned to their progress.  Heather is the best in class, the standard by which I rate all other Physical Therapist professionals. Most importantly, she gets results and she gets them well above the industry standard. Heather Wendell is just really good at her job, not to mention, my employees love her. If I could clone her and send her to the other cities where we do business, I would in a heartbeat!


  • Heather Larkin
    Vice President of Safety and HT
    The Romanoff Group of Companies