Jason Mayberry – Columbus Firefighters Union Local 67

Columbus Firefighter’s Local 67

Heather is often referred to throughout the fire service as a “miracle worker” and not just a Physical Therapist but an Expert Therapist. Her knowledge and results are unparalleled in
the fire service industry. I have personally utilized Heather for my injured rotator cuff, a left knee, a left ankle and chronic neck issues. In our strenuous environment injuries occur
frequently and time missed often correlates to income missed.

Firefighter’s are notorious for thinking they can repair their own bodies better than anyone and their stubborn, confident personalities often lend to poor outcomes if they “rehab” themselves. Heather has her own “no nonsense” approach that can tame even the most stubborn firefighter. There are no short cuts, just the “right” way. Which is Heather’s way.

When I speak with my colleagues from Managed Care Companies and BWC Provider Offices and Risk Management Staff, there is only one name spoken of so highly in the world of Occupational Physical Therapy. It is Heather Wendell.


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