Tobi Eitel – Center for Human Services, Inc

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked directly with Heather for over fifteen years as an employer representative.  As a member of the Executive Team of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc. I have had the great pleasure of working directly with Heather and our injured workers that required post injury Physical Therapy Services.

When you work with Heather you are working with a very caring and knowledgeable Physical Therapist.  She makes herself available to assist the injured worker/client.  She is very accommodating not only to the patient/injured worker but to the employer.  She ensures that she has the adequate equipment and supplies needed to assist her clients.  She will come on the work site is applicable or make other arrangements with the injured worker to ensure that all Therapy sessions are completed.  Heather is a strong advocate for her client to ensure that all safety measures are in place for a successful return to work.

Heather has great communication skills and provides a very detailed and thorough report to the employer after her sessions with the injured worker/client.  She will attend team meetings with the employer and Third-Party Administrator meetings if she is requested.

Heather is much more than just a Physical Therapist, she works with the employer on helping with the development of return to work programs, policies and modified job descriptions when needed.

Heather is very knowledgeable in her field and would be a great asset to any team.



  • Tobi Eitel
    Associate director
    Executive Team of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc.