Onsite Therapy Resources

Here at Onsite Therapy Resources, we provide physical therapeutic services to employees that have been injured at work.  We specialize in assisting the injured worker in navigating their way through the Ohio BWC claim process while working to return back to work or remain at work.

“When you work with Heather you are working with a very caring and knowledgeable Physical Therapist…”

“Heather is much more than just a Physical Therapist, she works with the employer on helping with the development of return to work programs, policies and modified job descriptions when needed.”

Tobi Eitel
Associate Director
Executive Team of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc.
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“Heather was in contact with me before I even could start therapy…”

“… geared my therapy to the motions that I would need to perform my job correctly.”

–    Dawn
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She has taken the time to learn the varying aspects of our job, as well as the fire department culture.

–    Chief John Eisel
Violet Twp Fire Dept.
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